The Twelve Days of Christmas Signs

Co-Contributor Taylor Southerland

The Twelve Days of Christmas Signs

Keeping in theme with Christmas, I decided to do an article on some easy Christmas signs. You and your family can learn a new sign, in American Sign Language, everyday for the twelve days of Christmas. The pictures for these signs are from They are so simple and easy to learn. So let’s get to it!


To sign Christmas, make a C handshape, place it in front of your body, and turn towards you moving outward. 


To sign Santa, make an open C handshape, start at the chin, move downward in a semi circle pattern. 


To sign sleigh, take your two index fingers, bend them, put your hands out palms up, and move in an outward and slightly downward motion.


To sign reindeer, use an open handshape, start at your temple, and move outward in a semi circle motion.


To sign stocking, point your index fingers palms down, and move your hands in an alternating backward and forward motion. 


To sign gift, take your two index fingers and bend them, palms facing each other, and move them outward in a slight curved motion.


I do not have pictures for this one. For this sign, your right hand will be a horizontal closed handshape and your left hand will be in a fist. Use your right hand, slightly tap the left hand, and then move it backward in a horizontal S motion.


This is a two step sign. To sign hot chocolate first sign the word hot. To sign hot, use a claw like handshape, start at the chin, and turn your hand outward. To sign chocolate, make a fist with your left hand and a C handshape with your right hand. Put your right hand on top of your left hand, and make a circular motion with your right hand. 


I don’t have a picture for this one either. This is a two step sign as well. To sign ornaments, first pretend as if you are holding a ball, then hold out your left index finger horizontally with your palm towards you, then take your right index finger and hook it vertically onto your left index finger.


To sign jesus, your left hand will be in a vertical closed handshape, your right middle finger will touch your left palm. Then your right hand will be a vertical closed handshape, and your left middle finger will touch your right palm.


To sign angel, you will use a closed handshape with the thumb out, touch your shoulders with your fingertips, and turn your hands outward.


To sign merry Christmas, first you need to sign merry and then you will sign Christmas. To sign merry, your hands will be in an open handshape with the thumbs out, move in a circular motion touching your chest and then move outward again. Then you will sign Christmas.

If you need more of a visual to help you learn, click here for the youtube video. I hope you enjoy learning new signs with your family! Merry Christmas and Happy Signing!!

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The Twelve Days of Christmas Lights

Co-contributor Taylor Southerland

The Twelve Days of Christmas Lights

I don’t know about you, but Christmas lights bring such joy to my heart. One of my favorite traditions every year is driving around the neighborhood looking at all the beautiful lights. Every year I see people post all over social media looking for the best places to go see Christmas lights. I have decided to make a list, including hyperlinks to websites, of twelve places you and your family can go this year. 


This is a drive thru place of lights.This is great for little ones if you are worried about bringing them around a large crowd. You can stay in your vehicle the whole time. You can even bring your own snacks and drinks! It has four different locations. You can click the city below and it will take you straight to the tickets page. 

  • Katy– 555 Katy Fort Bend rd Katy, Texas 77494
  • Arlington– 1800 E Lamar Blvd Arlington, Texas 76006
  • San Antonio– 1 Retama Pkwy Selma, Texas 78154
  • Spring– 21300 Interstate 45 N Spring, Texas 77373

Dates and Hours

The light park is open from November 4th to January 1st. 

Monday – Thursday open from 5:30pm to 10:00pm

Friday – Sunday open from 5:30pm to 11:00pm 

Christmas week hours- the 19th-26th open from 5:30pm to 11:00pm

Ticket costs

Tickets are available online. The venue charges per vehicle instead of per person. 

5th-8th, 12th-15th, 30th-1st 

Tickets are $39 with a $3 online fee.

9th-11th, 16th-25th

Tickets are $49 with a $3 online fee.

The dasher pass gives you a shorter wait time as well as 4 pairs of magic glasses. 

Tickets for the Dasher Pass are $95 with a $3 online fee.


Tickets are $29 with a $3 online fee.


Preston Wood Forest’s Nite of Lights is a long standing tradition for this Tomball neighborhood. This is their 44th year! It is completely free to drive through this beautiful neighborhood. They have contests and awards for best lights. Award winners will have something in their front yard stating they won. Lights stay on from 6pm to 10pm on week nights and 6pm to 11pm on weekends. I have not personally been to this neighborhood yet. However, I do plan on taking a trip to Tomball this holiday season!


The galaxy lights are absolutely amazing! If you have the chance to go this year, please do. The galaxy lights are at the Houston Space Center located at 1601 NASA Pkwy Houston, Texas 77058. This is not a drive thru. You can walk around and take pictures with all the gorgeous lights! 

Hours and Dates

The galaxy lights runs from November 12th to December 31st.

Monday – Sunday 6pm to 10pm


Ticket cost

Galaxy lights only 

Tickets range from $19.95-$27.95

Adult admission and galaxy lights

Tickets range from $49.90-57.90

Child admission and galaxy lights

Tickets range from $44.90-52.90

Senior admission and galaxy lights 

Tickets range from $47.90-55.90


This is one of my personal favorites! I go see the Pecan Grove lights every year. This is another neighborhood that is known for its holiday light displays. Residents of Pecan Grove are asked to have their lights up by November 26th and they usually stay up until the new year. This one is free to drive through. Most times, residents will be out interacting with people driving by. It is so much fun. To find this neighbor, just type Pecan Grove Richmond into your maps and it will pull right up. I believe the drive to Richmond is definitely worth it!


This place has so many beautiful lights as well as different attractions. It has a festival of lights to walk through and take pictures with. It also has a building that has nothing but cool ice sculptures. Moody Gardens is located at One Hope Boulevard Galveston, Texas 77554.

Hours and Dates

The holiday attractions at Moody Gardens are open from November 19th to January 7th.

Yearly Attractions

Open: 10AM – 5PM Daily

Christmas Day Open: 12PM – 5PM

Ice Land

Peak Nights: 10AM – 10PM

Value Days: 11AM – 9PM

Christmas Day Open: 12PM – 10PM

Festival of Lights

Peak Nights: 4PM – 10PM

Value Days: 4PM – 9PM

(Including Christmas Day)

Ticket cost

7th and 8th, 12th-15th, January 3rd-5th

Holiday pass

Adult ticket is $65 and a child ticket is $45

Festival of lights 

Adult ticket is $25 and a child ticket is $21

Ice Land 

Adult ticket is $29 and a child ticket is $24

9th-11th, 16th- January 2nd, January 6th and 7th 

Holiday pass

Adult ticket is $70 and a child ticket is $50

Festival of lights 

Adult ticket is $29 and a child ticket is $25

Ice Land 

Adult ticket is $35 and a child ticket is $29


This light park is a little different. For this one, you can either drive through or you can park and watch the lights. Dasher’s Lightshow is located in humble at 8233 Will Clayton Pkwy Humble, Texas 77338.

Dates and Hours

This attraction is open from December 2nd to the 31st. 

The hours are a little different for this one. Friday and Saturday only from the 2nd to the 18th the park is open from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. 

After the 18th the park is open Monday through Sunday from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. 

Ticket Cost 

For drive through, tickets are $29.95 per vehicle.

For park and watch, tickets are $9.95 per person


The magical winter lights is such a wonderful place to go for lights! It is stunning! However, not only do they have lights, they also have a carnival and a circus. How cool is that? Magical Winter Lights is located at 2525 FM 565 Baytown, Texas 77523. 

Dates and Hours 

This attraction is open from November 18th to January 7th. 

Sunday-Thursday the park is open from 5pm to 10pm

Friday and Saturday the park is open from 5pm to 11pm

Ticket Cost

Festival Admission 

Adult tickets are $25, Family tickets are $88, and child tickets are $17

Carnival tickets

These are $26 per person 

Circus tickets

For general tickets is it $10 and for VIP tickets is it $15


River oaks is a stunning neighborhood filled with beautiful mansions. This is another personal favorite of mine. The lights on these houses are insane! The neighborhood is located at River Oaks Blvd Houston, Texas 77019. It is completely free to drive through this incredible neighborhood. Residents put their lights up by Thanksgiving day and keep them up until New Years Day. Lights are turned on at 5pm everyday and turned off by 10pm every night. I believe this is 100% worth the trip. 


Lonestar Lights is a 17 acre light park. This is a walk through with so many wonderful photo opportunities for all of those lovely Christmas cards! This massive light park is located at 5 Anticipation Drive Huntsville, Texas 77320

Dates and Hours 

The park is open from December 15th to the 22nd. 

Gates open at 5:30pm

Last entry into the park is 9:00pm

The park closes at 10:00pm

Ticket cost

16th and 17th 

Tickets are $35 for adults and $22 for children


Tickets are $25 for adults and $15 for children


The Zoo Lights at the Houston Zoo is such an iconic attraction for the city. You get to walk through the zoo after dark and see all the beautiful lights! This is another place that is great for Christmas pictures. The Houston Zoo is located at 6200 Hermann Park Drive Houston, Texas 77030. 

Dates and Hours

The zoo lights run from November 18th to January 8th. 

The lights are open from 5:30pm to 10:30pm and it is closed December 7th, 24th, and 25th. 

Ticket Cost 

Tickets range from $24.70 to $35.95


This light park is pretty cool. It has different theme nights including date nights, college nights, and movie nights. It has over 3 million lights, holiday shopping, food, and so much more. It is located at Constellation Field 1 Stadium Dr sugarland, Texas 77498.

Dates and Hours

This is open from November 18th until January 1st. 

Sundays-Thursdays it is open from 6pm to 9pm

Fridays-Saturdays it is open from 6pm to 10pm

Ticket Cost

General Admission 

Adult tickets are $17, Child tickets are $14, Senior tickets are $14, and Military tickets are $14


Santa’s Wonderland is a crazy big park! This is another iconic attraction. This park has so many different attractions as well as beautiful lights. This one is located in College Station at 18898 Hwy 6 College Station, Texas 77845. 

Dates and Hours 

Santa’s Wonderland is open from November 11th to December 30th.

Mondays-Thursdays it is open from 6pm to 11pm

Fridays it is open from 6pm to midnight

Saturdays it is from 3pm to midnight

Sundays it is open from 3pm to 11pm

Ticket Cost

If you buy tickets online, adult tickets are $44.95 and child tickets are $40.95

If you buy tickets at the gate, adult tickets are $49.95 and child tickets are $44.95

I hope this article helps you find great places to look at Christmas lights. Go out and make some amazing traditions this year. Take all of the pictures with your significant other and your family, post them everywhere. Show them off! Maybe you will find a new place that will become your tradition every year. Happy Holidays everyone!

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Twelve Days of Christmas Movies

Co-contributor Taylor Southerland

Twelve Days of Christmas Movies

The Christmas season is finally upon us! I don’t know about any of you, but Christmas movies are my favorite! To be honest, I watch them all year long. Watching movies is a great way to spend some time together as a family during the holiday season. To save you the trouble of searching for the perfect Christmas movies, I have compiled a list of my all time favorite movies that I watch every Christmas season. If you start this watch list on December 13th, you can watch a different movie every night for the twelve days of Christmas!


This is my absolute favorite Christmas movie! I love this movie so much. I actually have a tattoo of the grinch on my arm. This is the live action version starring Jim Carrey as the Grinch. This movie came out in the year 2000. It is about a man that hates Christmas and a little girl who tries to show him the true meaning of the holiday. The little girl, Cindy Lou Who,  attempts to change the Grinch’s view about Christmas. Nothing works. The Grinch thinks that Christmas is all about the presents people get and the decorations they put up. To try and ruin everyone’s Christmas he goes to the town of Whoville on Christmas Eve and steals all the presents and decorations. When everyone wakes up happy on Christmas morning, despite not having anything, the Grinch realizes that Christmas means more than just presents and decorations. This is a wonderful movie to watch with the kids. It shows them that Christmas is about family and spending time together. This movie can be found on HBO MAX with a subscription, and Prime video to rent for $3.99.


This is a different version of the classic movie “Frosty the Snowman”. This movie came out in the year 2005. It is about a small town that has very strict rules for all the people that live there. The town has been this way for so long, it seems like there is no fun to be had due to the rules. Frosty the snowman comes to this town to restore joy and bring happiness just in time for the holiday season. I believe that every adult needs to watch this movie every year. It shows that there is more to life than just all work and no play. This movie can be found on Peacock and Prime Video to rent for $3.99.


This is another movie that is a retelling of a classic. We all know and love the original Beauty and the Beast Disney movie. This is the Christmas version. This movie came out in the year 1997. It is about Belle trying to celebrate Christmas in the castle. Little does she know, the Beast hates Christmas. He tries everything to make sure Christmas does not happen. However, Belle is persistent. She does everything in her power to make him celebrate Christmas again. It isn’t until Beast finds the gift Belle made for him, that he finally opens his heart to the idea of Christmas. This is another great movie to watch with the kiddos. Especially ones that already love the original. This movie can be found on Disney Plus with a subscription. 


This movie is great for the kids that are starting to think Santa is not real. This will help keep the magic going for a little bit longer. This movie came out in the year 2004. It is about a boy who has stopped believing in Santa. It takes you on his journey upon the Polar Express traveling to the North Pole to meet Santa. The end of the movie allows kids to realize that you don’t need to see Santa to believe in him. This movie can be found on HBO MAX with a subscription or Prime Video to rent for $3.99. 


I watch this movie every Thanksgiving. It is a tradition in my family. When the other two movies came out, we added those to the tradition as well. This movie, starring Tim Allen, came out in the year 1994. It is about this man, Scott Calvin, who does not have much Christmas spirit. On Christmas Eve Scott sees a man, Santa, on his roof and yells at him to get down. Santa gets scared, he slips, and falls off the roof. Scott puts on Santa’s jacket and, unbeknownst to him, becomes the new Santa. The rest of the movie and the next two movies take you through his journey of juggling family like and being Santa Clause. This movie, as well as the other two, can be found on Disney Plus with a subscription and Prime Video to rent for $3.99.


This is a modern take on a Christmas musical. I found this movie by accident one day while I was trying to find something new to watch. I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. This movie came out in the year 2020. This is about an inventor who had his inventions stolen from him. Instead of picking himself back up, he falls into a bad slump and alienates everyone. His granddaughter, deserprate to meet him, makes up a lie so she can spend a few days with him. This movie takes you through the journey of this man finding his spark again and putting his family back together. The music and singing in this movie is phenomenal! This movie can be found exclusively on Netflix with a subscription.


This is another Christmas musical. This movie came out in the year 2012. It is about a woman, Holly, trying to join a caroling group that her mom was previously apart of. Holly was rejected from the group and decided to start her own. This movie takes you through their journey of trying to beat out the Bells for the caroling spot at the mall on Christmas Eve. This is a really cute movie with great music! This movie can be found on Prime Video with a subscription, Peacock, Freeform, and Tubi. 


If you love Dolly Parton, you will love this movie! This Christmas movie, starring Dolly Parton, came out in the year 1996. This is about a woman, Ruby Diamond, who has died in a car crash. She has not done enough for other people to get into Heaven. Ruby is sent back down to earth to help put a family back together. The movie takes you on her journey trying to be a nanny for this family while also trying to fulfil her good deed to get into Heaven. This movie can be found on Tubi, Pluto, and Prime Video to rent for $2.99.


This movie, starring Will Farrell, came out in the year 2003. This is about a human, Buddy, who was raised in the North Pole by elves. He really believes that he is an elf and is devastated when he figures out that he is human. Buddy realized that his biological dad lives in New York. He travels to New York to find his father, only to find out that his father doesn’t do Christmas. Buddy tries everything he can to connect with his father and make him believe again. This is such a great family movie. It is a comedy for any age. This movie can be found on HBO MAX with a subscription, and Prime Video to rent for $3.99.


This classic movie is based off the Charles Dickens book. This Disney animated version came out in the year 2009. This is the story of Ebenezer Scrooge. This movie takes you on Ebenezer’s journey of seeing the errors of his way. It shows him that being a mean person will only make him end up all alone. This a great movie for the kids to watch. It shows the value in sharing. The Disney version can be found on Disney Plus with a subscription, and Prime Video to rent for $3.99.


Now, I’m not going to lie to you. I am almost 27 years old and I still watch this movie every Christmas. This movie came out in the year 1999. This has three different stories in it. The first story shows what it would be like if Christmas was everyday. It shows the good thing about Christmas being one day a year. The second story is about Goofy trying to show his son that Santa is real. The third and final story shows that it isn’t the gift that counts, but the thought that is put into it. This movie is great for little kids, big kids, and adult kids. This movie can be found on Disney Plus with a subscription, and Prime Video to rent for $3.99.


Now this is a Christmas classic! This, in my opinion, is one of the best christmas movies ever made! This classic came out in the year 1946. This story shows that no matter what you think, you matter to the people around you. This shows the importance of the impact you can make on even one person’s life. This is such a wonderful heartfelt movie that always makes me cry happy tears. This movie can be found on Prime Video with a subscription. 

That concludes my twelve days of Christmas movies! I hope these movies bring light and joy to your family like they have for my family. The holidays are a time to be with family and make memories. Maybe you can make some new memories with your family this Christams with these Christmas classics. 

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