Christmas Party Shenanigans Ending 2022′ With Some Harmony!!~

Sign Shares International | The Capsule Group

by SS contributor


Sign Shares Inc Sign and The Capsule Group is celebrating Christmas.

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Sign Shares International | The Capsule Group

by SS contributor

Where do we begin, it has been a very long time that we congregated together, celebrating together, and spending time amongst each other just embracing life. Closing out the year with warm hugs, fresh smiles, new perspectives, and creative endeavors. We appreciate everyone that came out and share togetherness for an intimate gathering. Hosted by one of our own.

We have all been through a lot, enduring a pandemic, the passing of loved ones, separations, distance, it’s a a rebooted world that we interpret for.

It was such a heartfelt gathering seeing those that could come at the spur of the moment to those that we know well, and those we are now being introduced to happily moving on with our journey. Everyone welcomed each other sharing the support of our communities, our disability communities, and our beliefs of just embracing life with positivity. It shows us that we still stand strong for the love of the community and will always be there for another.

Networking and collaborations were fruitful as we had a fun time doing so. Our event took place at the savory Perry steakhouse at Town Center in Sugarland Texas. Our crew showed us wonderful hospitality and we highly recommend them, and we’ll visit them again. It was a lovely evening with Christmas lights throughout the Town Center. Thanks to everyone who brought a white elephant gift and participated in our reindeer games. Yes, we said it reindeer games!! The ugly sweater contest was optional, but after the pandemic, people just felt like dressing up and getting all sparkly.

We’re a diverse bunch as we featured a known artist highly respected amongst the art community, Mr. Ray Dunlap. Ray, a color-blind local Texas artist, defines his work as being spiritual and sees himself as a Contemporary Folk Artist. Born in Palestine, TX and lived in Tokyo Japan at the age of 21, Ray’s art is influenced by his country and contemporary hemispheres. We were very gracious to receive a piece of Ray’s art that was given away as a prize. Those that did not win the prize will be commissioning Ray’s wonderful work. That’s harmonious!

Congratulations to Mr. William Pool, our prize recipient of an intriguing painting entitled: ‘Paying Tribute To All The Tribes’. The artist, Ray Dunlap, description of his painting: “It’s about everyone’s mixture of DNA and characteristics that speaks volumes of communications that conveys that everyone is one community, one communion.”

We learned it was one of Mr. Dunlap’s paintings from the 1st phase of 15 paintings out of the entire 50-piece series entitled: ‘Awaking of the Whales’. What an honor to learn this from the artist himself as Ray shared with us what his two pieces meant. ‘Awaking of the Whales’ is a long series with a Japanese flair of 50 paintings that are comprised in a mindset while coming into a clarity of sobriety, while acknowledging the checkpoints a person’s life undertakes in a spiritual sense, a life framing experience that we all endure a rapture at some point in our individual paths, and walkways during our earthly lives.

Mr. Dunlap also brought a private piece he had painted that was on display. It was a very heartfelt piece as he painted it live while the person who thought they were commissioning a piece for the event, shared with Ray a personal checkpoint of their life’s tale from the recent past year, to include the pandemic, and all that transpired. Little did they know that Ray was able to produce their expressionism during the conversation. Call it a ‘live’ interpretive collaboration of the minds, and the result was a breathtaking emotion that no longer had to be contained by the person who shared with Ray. That is what Ray is good at, spiritual interpreting, spirit filled awakenings. We had questions from an audience member asking what the Japanese writing meant on the side of this painting. Ray indicated it was a simple poem, which he translated from Japanese into English… {The Flowers are becoming water…}.

Ray currently has art on display throughout Houston, TX with prior shows in Japan where he is quite popular.

Well, that certainly wrapped our event with a bow! The food was spectacular, the ambience was loving, and we thank everyone for creating these fond memories with us! “We all share the same sky. We are all one community!”. Thanks to our Host: Taylor S. our blog contributor, and more. Special thanks: Megan for interpreting for our guests, Perry’s Steakhouse, our Sign Shares International, Capsule Group Crew, and our Creator! Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, onward to the next gathering! Love & Light! Take it away Taylor for our next Holiday Blog shenanigans. Artist Web Page: Ray Dunlap @

Special Attendee Thanks To:

🖋💌 Linda Guerrero – Fort Bend Recognized Realtor & First Vice President Board Member for Women’s Council of Realtors.…/Linda-Guerrero-593937a

🖋💌 Patti Molina: Business Entrepreneur & Community Advocate, Specializing in Visually Impaired Community members & Outreach for Women in Domestic Violence Situations.

🖋💌 Shirley Fluker T: CODA – Medicare, Life Insurance and Retirement Specialist For Deaf & Hard of Hearing Community Members.

🤟 Megan Mantey: Specialty Interpreter Sign Language & Advocate. Deaf & Hard of Hearing Proud.

🤟 Taylor Southerland: Our Hostess with the Mostess. Sign Language, Blogger, and more.

🤟 Kay & Bill Arnett: Specialty Sign Language & Advocate. It isn’t a party with out these two. We love them bunches!

🖋 💌 Vic Trammell: Executive Coordinator – Commercial Landscaping Services North Houston Areas. His music tastes are impeccable.

🖋💌 Christina Goebel: Published Author, Administrator, Teacher, & Advocate for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.


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