Fun activities to do with family and friends this Thanksgiving

Co – Contributor: Taylor S.

Fun activities to do with family and friends this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is only two days away! Bringing with it all the wonderful activities families look forward to at gatherings every year. With covid having such a large impact on our big family gatherings these past few years, it is finally time to bring those activities back around this holiday season. I have scoured the internet looking for fun things to do and this is what I found. Here are three enjoyable activities to make memories with at your family feast. 

Who doesn’t enjoy a great game of family charades? I know it is a fan favorite for me. However, I found a way to make it more festive this year. Now, don’t let me fool you. This wasn’t an original idea. For the original post click here. For those of you who have not played charades before, here’s what you do. Take your thanksgiving words, I will list them below, and write them down on strips of paper. Fold your strips of paper, put them into a cup or bowl, and give it a good shake. Divide into two equal teams. The first person for the first team will take out a paper and act out what the word is. Everyone one that team has to guess the word. If they get it right that team gets a point. The person will continue acting out as many words as they can for one minute. At the end of that one minute, tally up how many words the team got right. Continue the same thing with the next team. Do this until you run out of words. After all words have been acted out, the team with the most points wins! 

Thanksgiving words for charades 

Turkey  Oven  Gravy  Leftovers  Mashed potatoes  Pie  Family  Thankful  Pilgrim  Mayflower  Fall  Dinner  Dessert  Tasty  Cooking  Tablecloth  Home  Hungry  Drumstick  Football  Leaves  Blessing  Feast  Gobble  Wishbone  Centerpiece  Friends  Volunteer  Harvest  Pumpkin  Parade

Scattergories have always been a crowd pleaser in my home. The way to play scattergories is; you have these lists numbered 1-6. Each list has six categories on it. Each person gets a list and a sheet of paper. You roll the alphabet die and whatever letter it lands on has to be the first letter of each word you put down for each category. Set a timer for two minutes and try to get as many categories as you can. After the timer runs out, each person calls out what they had. For each answer you get 1 point. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins. I went looking through pinterest and found a thanksgiving version of the game. For the original post with free printables for all the lists, click here.

Thanksgiving scattergories lists


  1. Seen in a holiday parade
  2. At a football game
  3. I’m thankful for
  4. Thanksgiving food
  5. Family members
  6. Cities where family lives 


  1.  Football players
  2. Parade balloons
  3. Thanksgiving side dishes
  4. Places to nap
  5. Fall colors
  6. Thanksgiving dessert 


  1. NFL teams
  2. Thanksgiving traditions 
  3. Family nicknames
  4. Animals with feathers
  5. States 
  6. Reminds me of Fall


  1. Grown on a farm
  2. Black Friday deals
  3. Foods kids hate
  4. What to do with leftover turkey 
  5. Holiday songs
  6. Modes of transportation


  1. Board games
  2. Vegetables 
  3. Family members
  4. Holiday decorations
  5. Found on a dinner table
  6. Places to nap


  1. People in your family 
  2. Seen in a holiday parade 
  3. Football players
  4. NFL teams
  5. Grown on a farm
  6. What I want for Christmas

This last activity is something your family can start on Thanksgiving and continue doing until Christmas day. It is an acts of kindness jar. On Thanksgiving day you and your family will get jar of some sort and decorate it. This will be your acts of kindness jar for the holiday season. Write out the kind acts that you want to do this holiday season on strips of paper, fold them up, and put them in your jar. Each day one person will pull an act from the jar and the family will perform the kind act together. This is a great way to spread joy and kindness throughout the entire holiday season. Listed below will be 20 acts of kindness to start off your jar. To see the original post will more kind acts click here

Kind acts

  1. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  2. Rake your neighbor’s leaves
  3. Make get well cards and take them to the hospital
  4. Collect and donate books to the library
  5. Write thank you notes to teachers
  6. Pay for the person behind you in the drive thru line
  7.  Bring balloons to a patient at the children’s hospital
  8. Donate old games and toys to a women’s shelter
  9. Deliver treats to your local fire or police station 
  10. Write thank you notes to the doctors and nurses and deliver them to the hospital
  11. Send Christmas cards to deployed soldiers 
  12. Go caroling at a nursing home
  13. Be Santa for a family in need
  14. Go out to eat and over tip your server
  15. Leave a gingerbread house kit on a neighbor’s porch
  16. Leave a Christmas gift for your amazon delivery driver
  17. Offer to mow your neighbors lawn
  18. Take a friend to lunch
  19. Offer to help put up your neighbors Christmas lights
  20. Write a kind note and give it to a stranger

The holidays are a great way to be together with the people you love. These fun activities are a wonderful way to make even more memories together. Now, these do not have to be the only games you play this thanksgiving. Break out that game of chess, monopoly, go fish! Whatever you want. Just try to enjoy the company you are surrounded with this year. 

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By yours truly,

Taylor Southerland

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