Texas Health and Human Services Agencies Transform Sept. 1

At the direction of the Texas Legislature, the state’s health agencies have begun restructuring.

picture of the Texas Capitol building
The Texas Legislature determined that the five departments of Health and Human Services would better serve Texas with fewer divisions.

The changes will consolidate Health and Human Services’ five agencies to three, eliminating the Departments of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services and Aging and Disability Services (DARS and DADS).

While there are widespread changes, according to their website, “No programs were eliminated as a result of the system overhaul.”

On Sept. 1, look for client services combined into one division at HHSC. The Medical and Social Services Division will connect behavioral, medical, preventive care, disability, developmental and other services into one area.

Learn more about the why and how the changes will take place from a previous Sign Shares’ blog post here.

According to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission’s website, “On Sept. 1, about 4,000 employees and more than 120 programs and functions will officially ‘move’ to the Health and Human Services Commission from four other health and human state agencies.”

The move, according to the announcement, includes “many client services and administrative functions to HHSC, which administers Medicaid, CHIP and other services.”

“Most people won’t notice a change, other than hopefully it’s easier for them to find what they need.” said Executive Commissioner of HHSC, Charles Smith.

Screen shot of the HHSC website shows Services information group into three categories: Aging, Disability, and Financial.
This screen shot shows how health services supports can now be accessed on the website.

Changes to the agency’s website will be the most notable change, according to the announcement. “The site will have a cleaner look and more intuitive navigation to help people find health and human services information.”

See the new website’s section for Aging, Disability, and Financial Services.


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