Signing St. Patrick’s Day and Easter


Outline of green four-leaf clovers.
Enjoy new ways to share St. Patrick’s Day and other holidays!

To get into the holiday spirit, you can learn or share signs and even some Irish for the warming season with your friends and family.

St. Patrick’s Day

There are a variety of ways people sign St. Patrick’s Day.

Here is one way with Hand Speak.

Signing Savvy shows another way to sign for St. Pat’s.

You can also download some Shamrock ABCs flash cards to practice the alphabet in sign language.

Did you know we use many Irish words in the English language? Here are 10!


To sign Happy Easter, there are a few variations, but one of the most common is using the “E” sign and then moving it from left to right like the top of a basket. Learn how with this video.

Search and explore the Internet for ways to sign your favorite things!


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