Focus Group Explores Deaf/Hard of Hearing Community Needs

Capsule Group logo with black background and white word Capsule and confetti streaming from word.Friday, March 25, Sign Shares, Inc./International and the new advocacy business, The Capsule Group, known as Capsule, hosted a focus group in Houston regarding the needs of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community at the Heights Neighborhood Library.

The group provided attendees with opportunities to discuss their needs regarding medical access. Attendees also took a Medical Access Needs Survey, which provided input about whether their communication needs are being met.

The meeting provided Certified Hearing and Certified Deaf Interpreters, as well as CART live captioning.

Attendees learned about The Capsule Group, which is a modern day business formed to educate, advocate, and legislate for people with all disabilities.

Capsule’s founder, Detective: Eva Storey, says, “As American citizens people of disabilities have national rights and as Texans, we have our very own state rights. Well, certainly we should be cushioned, but that’s not the case with many situations within disability rights. The Capsule Group, referred to as Capsule, is an organization that will set the standards, and the census, based upon the one-on-one time, voiced by the communities of all types of disabilities. We started off with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community, since they are such an underserved community all because they are unable to hear. Can you imagine being denied services all due to a simple language barrier? We are here to be a spring board to educate others that may not understand the life of a certain disability, advocate for those that may not know their rights, and legislate on behalf of their rights, creating a focused movement with solutions. Capsule is a person’s legacy, specially time-stamped, and we will soon launch, informing those who wish to start a Capsule for someone who has a need in the community. So please stay tuned, it’s going to be something different!”

Survey results will be compiled to create data to share with state legislators about the needs of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.

Amazing! Restored Sense of Touch (and Other Tech Wonders)

Thank you, Tech Expo, for sharing these bionic wonders with us!

Disability Services & Legal Center

Restored Sense of Touch for Amputees

Sense of Touch

Sense of Touch 2

Sense of Touch 3

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Technology Glove that Translates Sign Language Into Speech

Tech Glove

Learn All About the Tech Glove at Talk Able

Glasses that Help the Blind Live

Blind Tech

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Houston Events for Seniors, People with Disabilities

During the next few weeks, two events in the Houston area will provide access to information and resources for senior citizens and people with disabilities.

Senior Safety Fair

The Neighbors4Neighbors Network & Jewish Family Service will hold a Senior Safety Fair & More on Tuesday, April 5, from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. at Westbury United Methodist Church in Houston.

The free event includes free snacks and food trucks, door prizes, and will have “products and services to make aging in place safer,” including: The Houston Police Department Active Shooter Program (Register for the Active Shooter Program).

According to their website, vendors include: Great Call (panic button with GPS), Bisel Hearing Aid Center, Medical Equipment, LivHome, Gerber and Associates (home care) and others.

Free Will Preparation

According to their flyer, “The Houston Bar Association’s Elder Law Committee is sponsoring a free Will-A-Thon to low-income seniors (age 60+ and spouses), disabled persons, and veterans (of any age) who wish to have a simple will prepared.”

This service will be offered until Friday, April 8, 2016 from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Will preparation dates are April 13 and May 11.

Qualifying applicants must go to the Tidwell Park and Community Center 9720 Spaulding.

To sign up, call 713-228-0735.


Electric Bicycles Improve Accessibility

Many new bicycles now have hybrid electric power. These offer support for people who might not have cycled because they didn’t have enough power to continue. Now, they will.

Old picture of a bicycle with a gas tank and motor added to make it like a motorcycle.
You don’t have to rig your bicycle up for power anymore! You can purchase an electric bicycle, already made! photo credit: William “”Bill”” Wheatley Collection Photo Electric bicycle via photopin (license)

At Houston’s recent Electric Bike Expo, more than 80 models were exhibited by 18 brands including: A2B, BESV, BULLS, Easy Motion, Focus, Gazelle, Haibike, IZIP, Kalkhoff, Polaris, Raleigh, Stromer, Tempo, Trek, Xtracycle, Yuba with the latest electric drive systems from Bosch, Yamaha, Shimano, and more!

You can link to the brands’ websites here.

The expo is part of a national roadshow sharing the new technology.

According to the main website: ““The first time you feel the power added to your pedal and the ability to tackle that incline is when you realize how this will change your love of cycling and take your return to riding to a whole new level.”

That additional power is the technology that will make cycling possible for more people of all abilities.

Signing St. Patrick’s Day and Easter


Outline of green four-leaf clovers.
Enjoy new ways to share St. Patrick’s Day and other holidays!

To get into the holiday spirit, you can learn or share signs and even some Irish for the warming season with your friends and family.

St. Patrick’s Day

There are a variety of ways people sign St. Patrick’s Day.

Here is one way with Hand Speak.

Signing Savvy shows another way to sign for St. Pat’s.

You can also download some Shamrock ABCs flash cards to practice the alphabet in sign language.

Did you know we use many Irish words in the English language? Here are 10!


To sign Happy Easter, there are a few variations, but one of the most common is using the “E” sign and then moving it from left to right like the top of a basket. Learn how with this video.

Search and explore the Internet for ways to sign your favorite things!


Can Music Help with Meniere’s,Vertigo?

After Glenn Schweitzer was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease. His blog, Mind over Meniere’s, shares information about how to cope with the disease’s side effects.

Picture showing brain waves.
Can music ease the symptoms of some diseases? Some say yes. photo credit: занято Img1-01 (5) [S1237A0,00A0,00H2986H2203S4] via photopin (license)
“Meniere’s disease is a terrible illness with not enough good information available. So much of what’s out there filled me with hopelessness and dread. My goal is to show you that there is so much hope,” Schweitzer said in his blog.

Something unique on his website is a project with music designed to assist people with their symptoms.

According to the website, “The Symptom Relief Project is a collection of special mind-altering audio tracks designed to help relieve some of the worst symptoms of Meniere’s disease: Vertigo, Brain Fog, Fatigue, Morning Grogginess, and Stress/Anxiety.

A combination of sounds helps to influence our brainwaves and help us feel better, according to the website.

Listen to a vertigo reliever sample music pack.

Let Texas Know Your Needs

Every three years, Texas organizations and agencies gather with people who have disabilities to plan how to provide better services and supports so that Texans can live more independently.

Texas state flag waves
photo credit: The flag of Texas via photopin (license)

The Texas State Independent Living Council, or Texas SILC, asks for your input for the State Plan for Independent Living. The SILC  helps develop and monitor this plan.

According to a recent email by the Texas SILC, “By taking this short survey, you can help us create a framework for service delivery by including your feedback in the next State Plan for Independent Living. Take the Survey