Disability Awareness Effort Asks People To ‘Just Say Hi’

“Siri, how do you start a conversation with someone who has a disability?” Apple’s Siri responds, “It’s easy. Just say ‘Hi.’”

This is part of a campaign to encourage conversation and raise awareness about people with disabilities, according to a Disability Scoop article.

Siri is the voice for the Apple phone’s digital personal assistant, though Google has a surprising answer to the same question. Google sends you to an article about Siri.

Three children sit on a golf cart. A boy and a girl wave hello.
Remember when making friends was as easy as waving Hello? Maybe it still is. photo credit: family on back of golf cart via photopin (license)

Society is unifying in its efforts to raise awareness so that conversations can begin about how to make the world a welcome place for everyone. The process begins with saying “Hi,” as you would for anyone else.

The project was started by the Cerebral Palsy Foundation and the video includes celebrities such as Gayle King, Tim Cook, Michael J. Fox, Joe Batali, Joe Girardi, Garry Gilliam, Oliver Platt, and more.

In some instances, when a person has a disability, people aren’t sure how to begin the dialogue, such as when someone has Cerebral Palsy.

According to the foundation’s website, “Cerebral Palsy is a physical disability that affects movement and posture. In most cases, brain injury leading to Cerebral Palsy occurs during pregnancy.” Globally, over 17 million people have been diagnosed with the disorder. There is no known cure.

While there’s no known cure for many disabilities, there is a cure for the loneliness and isolation that can accompany them–“Just say ‘Hi.'”

Source: Disability Awareness Effort Asks People To ‘Just Say Hi’ – Disability Scoop

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