Hey, Beautiful! Yes, You!

Note reads, "Little love is all it takes."Dear Reader,

You’re beautiful. Don’t ever think any less. Thank you for being here. Without you, our words would have no meaning. Without you, our blog would have no reason for being and would cease to exist. We’re better for knowing you.–Staff at the Sign Shares’ blog

Our love note to you was inspired by not one, but two, people who are sharing random love notes and letters–with strangers.

The first source of inspiration was Hyong Li, the author of 100 Love Notes. To honor the memory of his wife, Catherine, who passed away last year from ovarian cancer, Li wrote 100 love notes and handed them out to strangers. The letters chronicle the couple’s romance, their fight against cancer, and events after her death.

Each note encouraged strangers to share love notes with others, according to an article from Upworthy.

Examples of Yi’s love notes from his website:

  • #68 Beloved, so that you will never forget your love and the mother of your children, I got you socks for life.–Dearest
  • #71 Dearest, I see the beautiful scars you carry in your warrior’s crusade to win your life.–Beloved
  • #96 Beloved, the sky is full of stars invisible by day. Look up when you think of me. I am somewhere up there. Find me.–Dearest

On his Facebook page, Yi encourages people to write love notes to others, who we assume will always be around, but may not be.Post It note reads: "Honey, I always forget to tell you that I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I heart you."

“Today, I invite you to take a moment to honor the loves in your life… Please join me in writing a love note or an expression of love with someone you love and share it on social media with the hashtag #100LoveNotes.”

You can also share stories, photos, and videos on the Facebook page here.

On Facebook, Hyong Li says that 100 Love Notes has now been on every continent–even Antarctica.

Li also posted about another person doing something similar.

Woman holds cardboard sign that reads, "Smile! Smiley face. Trying to start over. Pls help! Bless you!"
There is more that we can give besides money. We can give of ourselves.

According to a Reader’s Digest article, author Hannah Brencher  decided to write love letters to strangers when she saw a woman who likely had financial need on the train. By the time Brencher had written the letter, the woman was gone, so she determined to give letters to random strangers.

“I left the letters everywhere I could. I was playing Juliet to the city,” Brencher said in the article.

To let strangers know the note was for them, Brencher came up with a simple beginning: “If you find this letter … then it’s for you.

Recipients of her love letters are now sharing with others.

On Brencher’s website, More Love Letters, one love letter recipient posted: “This winter has really been taking a toll on my mental health, but this morning I came across this note. I read it on my way home from dropping my daughter off at school, and I maaaay have unexpectedly burst into tears in the elevator. ” Love letters tied with red ribbon and one letter with pen.

“I started More Love Letters three years ago and we’ve become the only global organization out there that blesses individuals–young and old– with bundles of love letters during a time in need,” Brencher says.

Right now, the More Love Letters website offers three ways to get involved:

If you find this post…then it’s for you, Dear Reader:

Thank you for reading this post. You had other things to do today, but you chose this. It warms our heart to know there are people in the world like you. Please share your wonderfulness with others and write and give your love notes or letters with those you love or random strangers to spread the love.–Staff at the Sign Shares’ blog

Note that reads: "All I ever wanted was to see you smiling."

Source: 100 Love Notes

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