Hello Everyone and Welcome!


So happy and excited to make this publication to introduce myself and being my first time to post this. My name is Michael AKINOSI, Deaf Community Advocate with Sign Shares. My duties and responsibilities center on Advocating for the Rights and Resources available at the disposal of Deaf and Hard of Hearing, the Deaf-blind, the cognitive speech-impaired and the Deaf senior citizen and children who are Deaf. It’s my duty to educate them and offer advice and resources that are available at their disposal under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) laws. Most often, they face such obstacles as: problems getting qualified and Certified Interpreters for their communications needs under accessible communications for medical appointments, problems with law enforcement agencies, job interviews, etc.

It’s a great pleasure representing Sign Shares’ Advocacy Team and to provide the best and effective Support Services to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community in Texas, especially Houston. I am equally the President of Houston Black Deaf Advocates.

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