A Great Season with Disappointing Ending.

By David Bass, Staff Writer

I know this blog is not related to our services but it’s a nice break to have something different once in awhile.

As we gather together at restaurants, pubs, friend’s home, and our own home to watch last night’s (Wednesday, 14 October 2015) Postseason baseball playoff game between the Houston Astros and the Kansas City Royals. We were disappointed with the result of Game 4 the other day and it was the last chance for Astros to win Game 5 or go home. Unfortunately, we lost the critical game. It was a great and exciting season for the Astros after having terrible losing seasons in the last few years, having lost more than 100 games three seasons straight before finally breaking the 100 losses last season. This year is the first winning season since 2008. It was great year for the Astros but it is far from perfect. Everything went well until Astros outfielder, George Springer, got hit by pitch on his left wrist that forced him to go on disabled list for about two and a half months. After that, things went south. Several problems came up, especially the road woes. Jose Altuve, rookie Carlos Correa, and Springer are the most constant batters on the team but with Springer out for two months and a half, things slowly went down because it was not enough constant batters on the lineups, and the Astros ended up in second place. Fortunately, Astros managed to grab the Wild Card spot and played in playoff against KC Royals for American League Division Series (ALDS). Also, Astros did not have enough strong and constant relief pitchers on the roster. From what I have observed over the season that the Astros did not have enough constant batters and relief pitchers to help them maintain high in first place throughout the year as it was too close for my comfort. In my humble opinion, the Astros would need to add or trade for stronger constant batters and relief pitchers during the off-season and hopefully, would have better chance to go all the way next year.

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