Deaf Awareness Days at Texas Renaissance Festival!

By David S. Bass, Staff Writer

This year is extra special! Why? Because there will be two days of Deaf Awareness Day at the Texas Renaissance Festival. It will be on Nov. 7 and 8, 2015. Before, there was just one day of Deaf Awareness Day for a few years. This year is the first time it has expanded to two days. Most of the ASL interpreters are volunteers from area colleges, such as Lone Star College and the University of Houston. You can volunteer and have fun too! You can contact Brandy Cabe at if you are interested in volunteering as an interpreter while having fun there.

Renaissance outfits 2015

Yes, you can dress up in Renaissance garb as many of the volunteer interpreters have done in the past and will continue to do this year. You can check it out at their Facebook page, I will be wearing a full Renaissance garb or Celtic kilt garb at this event because I am an amateur historian and proud of my Celtic heritage. I will be there two days straight that weekend as I will be staying at their campground and I will be wearing two different garbs each day. If you go there on that weekend, be sure to find me in my Renaissance garb or Celtic kilt garb. Maybe hang around with me at my camp afterward or during chowtime breaks.

The Texas Renaissance Festival is a great place for family and people who want to learn about what life is like during the Renaissance era. There are many people dressed up in the period garbs. Many stores sell garb and other Renaissance-related items. There are shows and presentations on many Renaissance-related subjects and entertainments. My personal favorite is the birds of prey show where they show different birds and some fly around the arena. If you have any questions about certain events during the Renaissance era, you can ask me about it and I will be glad to answer! There are activities that you can participate in, such as archery, axe throwing, and others. And, yes, you can even have a wedding there – of course, you have to contact them to make arrangements! Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and, if it rains that day or recently rained, wear your old shoes or rubber boots as the ground can get muddy in some areas. If you have any medieval or Renaissance costumes, wear it there! For more information about event, go to  and have a blast of a time!

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