Hello Fellow Sharers!!

We get a considerable amount of request for what’s the latest shares as our Facebook followers constantly check our page. We are Deaf and Hard of Hearing friendly. We will also add “Video Blogs” to this press page as well for all to enjoy. We invite you to check us out on Facebook as well. When we post/blog this is what we consider, “SHARING TIME!!!”

You will be updated on Medical technologies, Our Theme’s for the Week, Domestic & International News, Educational News, Job related News, Movie Picks from Our Staff, and Some Cool Things to Check Out local, or from wherever your community is, so please provide us informations about what makes your community great! This Blog is for people of ALL DISABILITIES. So your shares and events are important.

We will have our comments monitored, so this blog page is not our comment page. It is for your happy reading pleasure. We are proud to always ADVOCATE, EDUCATE, & LEGISLATE! We welcome your stories about hardships, injustices, positves, mentorships, and more! Stay tuned!

Happy Reading!

Love & Light, The Sign Shares Team Family!

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